Artists / Instructors


Jenni Morley

General fine arts, specializing in watercolour

Jenni draws inspiration from the beauty and simple forms in the natural world. She shares her passion with all ages with a desire to guide students to rediscover their own imagination.


    Barbara Chapman

    Water-Soluble Oil on Canvas

    Born on the eastern edge of Canada, Barbara’s paintings and style are influenced by the rocky coasts, the sky and where the water meets the land. She has completed formal and informal studies of fine art as well as university studies in Adult Education.


      Deon Best

      Modern Batik Art

      Toronto based Artist & Instructor specializing in the unique East African fabric art of Modern Batik. Coming from a Graphic Design background, the journey into Modern Batik allows for bold, colourful and expressive explorations through wax, dyes & ink on fabric. Deon Best has engaged, empowered and inspired numerous students across Ontario through his Modern Batik workshops, come join the adventure!


      Dave Rheaume is a self taught Toronto based artist of Metis heritage. In addition he is a curator, lecturer and book illustrator. His film making background shows through in his paintings, with their sense of a story, composition and lighting. Many of Dave's paintings have sold to private collectors in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. In addition to many group and private shows he has exhibited at the McMichaels Autumn Art Show and the Ottawa Art Expo. He is featured as an "Artist to Collect" in the Winter 2014 issue of Arabella magazine.

      Acrylic on canvas


      Mark making, collage and printwork Introducing: - colour exploration on Jelly Pads! - carve and printwork - collage and upcycled creations Let your inner child explore once again. Get curious and let the rivers of imagination reawaken with this master teacher guiding and encouraging you. You'll fall in love with this genuinely lovely soul who will expertly encourage you and nudge you out of your comfort zones. Jump in!

      • Coming soon

      Pysanky- vibrant Ukrainian Easter eggs. Halia Gawadzyn-Palaszczuk Halia is a master in Traditional Ukranian craft (and a superb story teller as well). She began learning the delicate art of writing pysanky at the age of 3. Over 62 years the pastime has become her passion. Intricate patterns are achieved by progressively writing molten beeswax on the egg with small stylus called "kistka" before the egg is dipped into a series of dyes. As a teacher she has shared this art form with many students and adults over many decades. Her work has been exhibited in many schools, churches and museums throughout the world.


      I am Nora MacPhail, a professional artist living in the awesome city of Toronto. I love to paint with watercolour. I draw strong contour lines and gestural shapes, then add lots (and lots!) of colour. For the past 9 years I have been teaching in-person and on Zoom. It's a privilege to have art in my life and share it with you. Happy Painting!