About us

Kaleidoscope Arts Studio is a 1000 square foot studio, situated in a grand Edwardian house, encircled by century old trees, overlooking the banks of the Credit River in the historic village of Streetsville. The building and surrounding neighbourhood is rich in character and history. This tranquil setting is the ideal escape and a much needed respite from a hectic lifestyle.

Our main floor studio boasts high ceilings and large windows – perfect for good natural light to shine in.For overcast days, we rely on our professional overhead lighting system. Immerse yourself in the creative process while listening to restful background music in our professionally equipped studio that can accommodate up to 20 students.

At Kaleidoscope, we know you can learn how to sketch and paint just as you can learn how to read, speak a second language, or make sourdough bread. All it takes is an open mind and dedication.

In the studio, the subject of study changes constantly. Whether landscapes, portraits, or abstracts though, each study will educate and inspire students.

We typically paint using water-based oil, acrylic, watercolour, ink and gouache, and apply those pigments to a variety of canvases – anything from cloth to wood, paper to upcycled jean jackets.

We also learn traditional crafts such as are carve-and-print, wood-burning, rock carving, metal punch design, handmade paper and oven-baked clay from time to time.

We provide our students with the highest quality art tools, then teach them how to take take care of them, so they can pursue their creative interests for years to come. The extra commitment that high-quality tools require tends to inspire more commitment to the creative process.

With respect to future generations, we reduce our carbon footprint by purchasing the majority of supplies from local artisans and businesses that we trust have made a long-lasting product. Kaleidoscope is also proud to belong to a recycle art project in collaboration with DeSerres Art Store. For more information on this, please request a brochure at your next class, or contact info@jenniferkas.com.

Get the inside look at the studio!

Jenni recently filmed an interview in the studio and it shows an inside look at Kaleidoscope Arts. You can watch it here. And if you want to book a studio tour, feel free to call us at 416-821-9292

About Jenni (our owner, instructor, and life coach!)

Jenni is a mother of four and a lifelong artist. Life has taken her on many adventures; fearlessly travelling around the world, performing as a professional dancer, teaching gymnastics and art as well as guiding young children in her role as a Kindergartner. These diverse experiences have made a rich canvas that is her life and her art.

Jenni draws constant inspiration from the beauty and simple forms in the natural world. She loves to share her experiences and passion with art enthusiasts of all ages, and takes great delight in creating art out of simple materials. Her desire is to guide and encourage her students to discover or re-connect with the creator within.

It’s a busy life, but it’s hard to take a vacation!

Read this article to find out what it’s like to live a day in the life at the Kaleidoscope Arts Studio!

Outdoor classroom!

Kindly park in the Public Parking beside the house. Enter through the back porch.

Credit River view also faces Memorial Park! (bread and honey festival anyone?)